If you are wondering why you are seeing this page, do not worry!

It is just a holding page that is setup by us until you overwrite index.html with your own website (this should be done automatically the first time you upload your website). In case you need assistance please follow the steps mentioned below to upload your .index page:

1. Open your public_html folder, find index.html file ( or index.htm, index.php )- all you need is to point out the name of the start page of your site ( e.g. mainpage.html);

2. Enter your cPanel and click the icon "File manager" with the help of which you can upload this index page to your public_html folder;

3. After uploading this file via FTP or File manager you need to check if everything was done correctly entering in the browser the following link: http://yourdomain/index.html where index.html is the main page of your site;

4. Then you need to access your .htaccess file (create it in you public_html if you haven't one) and write the following string right here: DirectoryIndex mainpage.html.

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